Common Concerns for First Time Users of Nuru Massage Gel Powder

Common Concerns for First Time Users of Nuru Massage Gel Powder

Creating your own massage gel using Eroticgel Nuru Massage Gel Powder provides the advantage of complete control over thickness and texture, along with the absence of parabens and preservatives. Additionally, it cuts down on costs since you don't incur expenses related to shipping bulky liquid products.
While this method provides substantial flexibility, novice creators may encounter potential challenges and have inquiries, with the primary concerns revolving around issues of 'clumping' and 'color.'



clumping of massage gel


A key ingredient, Sodium Polyacrylate, imparts the gel's well-known thick and wet texture by expanding in water rather than dissolving. Consequently, it's crucial to prevent clumping during the addition of the powder, as this can lead to pockets that don't expand immediately.

mixing powder

Fortunately, clumping naturally dissipates over time, influenced by water temperature and the extent of powder aggregation. To minimize this issue, it's recommended to gently sprinkle the powder, one tablespoon at a time, over a larger water surface and thoroughly mix it in. Although transferring to a narrower container is an option, mixing directly in a narrow container increases the likelihood of clumping. Experimenting with adding water to the powder is also an option, depending on personal preference and what works best for you.


Eroticgel offers a variety of unique formulations for Nuru Massage Gel Powder, allowing you to choose the ideal option for your skin and intimate moments. While all available choices are vegan and free from harmful preservatives, some may include ingredients that affect the gel's color.
Among the product range, including Matsuri, Ori, Konno, Shimizu, Sakura, and Tanaka, Camellia sinensis Leaf (Green Tea Extract) is present. The natural color of this ingredient can modify the usual clear appearance of the gel.

nuru gel color
Frequently, customers inquire about the product's color, expressing concerns such as, "Is my product defective? It has a slight yellow hue," or "Is it safe?" Rest assured that all products from Eroticgel are safe, and the subtle yellow tint is a result of the Camellia sinensis Leaf.
To lessen the intensity of the color, you can dilute the massage gel. Due to the different granule and weight size of Camellia sinensis Leaf compared to other ingredients, a gentle shake of the container before opening and using is recommended to evenly distribute the components. These tips ensure a sensual and enjoyable experience with your partner.

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For those new to making the gel, it's advised not to wait until the last moment before an intimate occasion. Preparing ahead of time allows for adjustments if the initial mixing doesn't go as planned, preventing potential dissatisfaction and providing the opportunity to achieve the desired outcome.
Rest assured that the Eroticgel team is readily available to address any inquiries concerning the powders, the extended Eroticgel range, or anything related to Nuru. We take pride in being a knowledgeable resource and strive to foster inclusivity for everyone interested in Nuru Massage.