What is Nuru Massage?

What is Nuru Massage?

A lot of things run into your mind when you hear Nuru massage―a soothing spa day? A romantic time with your partner?

While these are true, there is more to it that we will explore in detail. Read on.

What is Nuru Massage?

In clear terms, Nuru massage is a form of sexual massage that has its origin in Japan, Kawasaki precisely. Beyond the traditional massage we are familiar with, in Nuru massage, the masseuse uses their body to massage the client. This means closer body contact.The word "Nuru", which originated from Japanese, means slippery. This is because both the person receiving the massage and the one doing the massage are covered with a slippery gel, Nuru massage gel. The gel has no colour or odour and is derived from natural nori seaweed.

How does Nuru Massage Work?

Nuru massage is performed by applying pressure all over the body with your hands. The masseuse gradually works on the recipient's body, beginning from the least sensitive areas and working their way up to the most sensitive areas. While the masseuse applies pressure with the arm, leg, breast, buttocks, and of course, the hand, the muscle tension and soreness gradually ease as the massage continues.

Now that you’ve gotten a feel of what the Nuru massage is, let us look at the tools necessary for performing this special massage.

Nuru Massage Kit

  • Nuru Mattress: For the best experience, you will need a waterproof, non-absorbent surface. You do not need to look too far; at Eroticgel, you will get the sheet and other products that will make your massage a memorable experience.
  • Nuru Massage Gel: This is the real kicker in the massage experience. It provides a slippery feel for the massage. You will get quality Japanese Nuru massage gel and Nuru massage powder in our store.

Simple Tips to Give a Nuru Massage

  1. Get all the kits that we have highlighted above.
  2. You should use your arms to support your body while you slide your body over your partner’s body. Be inventive while you slide; use your nipples and elbows to maintain close, physical contact with your partner.
  3. You can flip your partner over and massage them with your back and butt.
  4. If you get aroused and want to take things further, you can use a condom and toys.
  5. Watch out for safety! After the massage, you might want to have a bath, be careful to avoid slipping off because of the slippery gel.


Nuru massage is fun and relaxing. There is no one specific way of doing it. You can employ different creative means to do it; you just have to ensure you use the right materials for a satisfying experience.

At Eroticgel, we are committed to ensuring you get all you need for your pleasant Nuru Massage!